A Foodie’s Guide to Mi-Te-Jo

As you’re packing up for your camping trip, one of the first things that may come to mind is food – what are you going to eat and where are you going to get it? Did you know that Mi-Te-Jo Campground offers a variety of food options on-site? There’s something for everyone to enjoy during the best summer vacation ever!


Stop by the snack shack for a variety of freshly cooked foods! Chow down by the snack shack, or order to go! Pizza, burgers, wraps, and more will be featured on our new menu! View a sample here. Full menu and prices coming soon.


Take advantage of your RV or cabin’s kitchen and pick up some grocery supplies from the store during your camping trip. Whether you’re stocking up for the next few days, or run out of s’more supplies after the first night, the store offers a variety of supplies for you to choose from without having to get in the car and leave the park. In addition, different drinks including ICEE™ products are available to buy!


I scream, you scream! Grab a mouthwatering cone at the store. A variety of delicious flavors are available! Order inside or at the ice cream window on the deck outside!


We understand that feeding your hungry camping crew is going to be one of your top priorities during your stay at Mi-Te-Jo, so don’t worry, we have you covered!

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