The uncertainty of the upcoming school year is weighing heavily on parents and their children. Will there be school? What will it look like? Do I want my kid(s) to go or not to go? The questions are endless – but so are the opportunities to help your children continue to learn new things both now, and in the future, in more non-traditional ways.

Pack up your bags and hit the open road – it’s time for an educational experience your family will never forget! Whether you’re considering roadschooling or just want to take a family vacation, with Jellystone Park™ Lakes Region as your home base, there are plenty of opportunities to explore nearby in fun, educational ways. Keep reading our blog for a few suggestions.


Polar Caves Park – Distance from Camp: 69.8 miles

In the last ice age, a continental glacier rolled over what is now the White Mountains region of New Hampshire to form the Polar Caves. At this cool spot, you can explore an animal park, nature trails, and nine granite boulder caves. Your kids surely won’t take this trip for “granite”!


Wright Museum of World War II – Distance from Camp: 22.2 miles

Learn all about the story of World War II with more than 20,000 square feet of exhibit space to explore. The Wright Museum is home to over 14,000 items in a collection that represents both the battlefield and the home front during this interesting time in history. They also host a variety of traveling exhibitions such as collections of WWII quilts, D-Day photographs, and an educational show about Anne Frank!


Devriendt Farm – Distance from Camp: 66.4 miles

For 25 years, the Devriendt Farm has been family-operated and giving people unique and educational agricultural experiences! Discover the work that goes into running a farm, enjoy an ice cream cone, and pick all the strawberries you can eat!


Squam Lakes Natural Science Center – Distance from Camp: 51.7 miles

Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom in a more up-close experience! The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has nature trails and cruises available to those who are looking for an outdoor adventure. They also have special programs for those who are interested in learning more about the natural world.


Jellystone Park™ Lakes Region is full of fun things to do! Jump around on our giant inflatable pillow, play a game of basketball or volleyball with your family, swim in the pond, and more! Your kids won’t be kids forever – now’s the time to have some family-friendly fun!

*Activities have limited availability during non-peak season.

Camping, along with the great outdoors, offers tons of opportunities for kids to experience new things – from star gazing to learning how to build a campfire. Here at Jellystone Park™, your family will be able to have a safe, fun-filled getaway. And while you’re in the beautiful New Hampshire setting – take advantage of the nearby educational experiences that can be found.