If you’re new to camping, or have never been to Jellystone Park™ Lakes Region, there may be some terminology you come across while browsing our website that doesn’t make complete sense. Terms such as “full hook-ups,” “Gaga Ball” and “peak season” may seem confusing if you’ve never camped with us. So to help out our campers old and new, we’re providing a list of camping terms that you should know before your next trip!

RV Camping Terminology

Full Hook-Ups: With a full hook-up RV site, you’ll have access to all the necessities during your camping trip – including water, electric, and sewer utilities. Full hook-up sites provide ease and comfort during your RV getaway.

Back-In Site: When choosing your next RV site, you may end up going with a back-in site. Back-in RV sites are exactly what they sound like – the driver of the RV will be required to back-in to the campsite.

Pull-Thru Site: Pull-thru RV sites differ from back-in sites because RV drivers are able to enter from one side of the site and exit from the other – no backing in required!

Slide-Outs: Chances are if you’re an RV owner, you’ll know if your rig has slide-outs or not. A variety of RVs have slide-outs (they can be on the driver and/or passenger side), that come out once an RV is settled on a campsite to provide those inside with more living space.

Jellystone Park™ Terminology

Ranger Station: The Ranger Station is an important place for Jellystone Park™ Lakes Region campers to know about. At the Ranger Station, guests can check-in and out, book a future reservation, grab camping necessities, and more. Here, you’ll also be able to talk to members of the reservations team about anything concerning your camping getaway.

Bear Visits: Looking to make your time at Jellystone Park™ even more special? You can schedule a bear to come visit your campsite or cabin! (Subject to availability, requires an additional fee.)

Gaga Ball: Gaga what? Gaga Ball is a popular activity often found at campgrounds. It can be defined as a kinder, gentler version of dodge ball, and is played in an octagon-shaped pit with a soft foam or rubber ball. Gather up your family and friends – the more players, the better!

General Terminology

Glamping: Glamping – a combination of “glamorous” and “camping” – describes a style of camping with additional amenities and comforts that are often not associated with traditional camping. For example, cabin camping is often referred to as “glamping” because you have access to kitchens/kitchenettes, bathrooms, AC, and more.

Peak Season: Peak season takes place over the summer, when activities and amenities are in full swing at Jellystone Park™. Features that typically accommodate peak season include extended facility hours, daily activities, and use of additional amenities. Peak season is also the busiest time of the year because kids are out of school for the summer.

Non-Peak Season: Non-peak season includes any time frame(s) outside of peak season. With non-peak season comes a quieter Camp-Resort, cheaper rates, and cooler weather.

While this list of camping terms is not exhaustive, we hope it helps you feel more in the loop during your family’s next camping getaway at Jellystone Park™ Lakes Region. If you have any questions during your booking process, don’t hesitate to check out our FAQs or give our reservations team a call at 603-652-9022!