Half the reason we go on vacation is to take a ton of photos and make our friends jealous (kidding, but not totally kidding) – that’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 Instagram moments for you to have on your next vacation at Mi-Te-Jo! Scroll down for inspiration, and start picking out your favorite filters!

1. The Stunning Scenery

It’s hard to take a bad photo of Northeast Pond at Mi-Te-Jo! Whether you’re lounging on the beaches, out on the docks, or paddling on a kayak, the area is picturesque!

2. Bouncing on the jumping Pillow

There’s few things as pure fun as bouncing on a giant inflatable pillow! Goofy or cute, you’re sure to get some memorable photos here!

3. Showing off your sweet tattoos

What’s the best part of getting awesome custom glittery tattoos? Showing them off to your friends! Don’t like to wear your art? We have a ton of other crafts to showcase your creativity too!

4. Your pet on vacation

Let’s be honest, if you have a pet, half of your photos are your pet already. Get some photos of your pet having a ball at the dog park, or out on the boat – pets enjoy vacations as much as humans do!

5. Quality Family Time

There’s nothing like a sunny day at your favorite campground for relaxing, so just unwind and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family!


We hope this inspiration helps you become the envy of your friends, and eventually a social media influencer, just make sure to remember us when you’ve made it big! And be sure to tag us in your photos! #mitejocampground